About CCLC

About CCLC

Seoul National University’s Center for Campus Life and
Culture (CCLC) was founded in 1962 as Korea’s first university
counseling center. The name of the center was “Student
Guidance Institute” back then. Later, it became the “Student
Life Research Center” in 1975, and then finally became CCLC
in 2001. In 2008, CCLC became the first university center
that operates a 24-hour crisis hotline called “SNU Call”
Striving to be fully dedicated to SNU students in need, SNU
Call provides phone counseling to students in need of
psychological support.

CCLC provides a wide range of professional services to
promote quality of life and well-being for the students of our
community. These services include psychological counseling,
self-development programs (e.g. interpersonal relationship,
self-regulation, networking competence, etc.), and crisis
interventions (e.g. SNU Call, prevention education, safety
network, etc.), CCLC also regularly conducts student survey
research in order to heighten our knowledge of student’s
current perspectives, regarding SNU campus life.

Director of CCLCDong-il

We are open and available to any SNU student members in need. Whether it’s regarding psychological support, learning more about yourself, fulfilling your academic potential, or seeking personal growth, our team of professionals and educational programs await for you with warmth and measurable outcomes.

CCLC wishes to be a part of your campus life experience as a supportive friend throughout your journey of personal and academic growth. We believe every student should be equally respected regardless of their achievements or backgrounds. We will do our best to provide a safety net for our students as they navigate their life at SNU.

Thank you.

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