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SMP ( School-life Mentoring Program ) Membership‘MENTEE’ APPLICATION FORM

Informed Consent Form for the Collection of Personal Information
[Collecting Items]
Required Items: Name, date of birth, year at SNU, affiliated college/department, student I.D. number, contact phone number, e-mail, address, hometown, gender, religion, admission route (e.g., special admission for international students)

[Purpose of Collecting Personal Information]
-To contact and confirm the identification of School-life Mentoring Program applicants
-To match up mentees with mentors
-To issue various certificates (e.g., Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Participation, etc.)
-To post information on new programs and various events
-To use statistics for gathering information and analyzing the School-life Mentoring Program as well as for developing new programs
-To research for improvement of counseling services and programs
(The personal information provided is used for statistics only. Individual data and personal information will not be exposed.)

[Duration for the Retention/Utilization of Personal Information]
-The personal information gathered from the applicants of the School-life Mentoring Program will be semi-permanently kept due to issuing of various certificates.

[Right to Refuse & Disadvantages/Limitations]
You have the right to refuse to provide personal information. If you choose to do so, there may be certain degree of disadvantages and limitations in participating in the program.

The personal information consented by the applicant will not be used other than the aforementioned purposes; and if the applicant shall oppose to the use of the information, he or she can request its access, correction, and deletion via Personal Information Supervisor.
Under the relevant laws and regulations such as 「Information Privacy Law」, I have read the foregoing information, and I consent voluntarily to provide my personal information.