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Additional Notice regarding COVID-19

Dear students,
Greetings and notice from the SNU Center for Campus Life and Culture.
Previously, our Center informed that counseling sessions will resume starting from March 16, following the academic calender.
However, considering latest class operation changes and in order to prevent further spread of COVID-19,
our Center decided to additionally suspend face-to-face sessions for two more weeks, until March 27th.
1) We will officially stop all face-to-face sessions until 3/27(Fri), and will resume in 3/30(Mon).
(※ On-line counseling sessions are available for a limited period of time)
-On-line counseling sessions (demo)
 : Until 3/27(Fri), we offer on-line counseling by Zoom. You can access to the link by text-messages sent from our center.
   If you have any questions or want to have on-line sessions, contact us (call 02-880-5501 or snu.ecounseling@gmail.com)
-Emergency cases
  : if you are struggling with serious psychological issues such as self-harm or suicidal thoughts,
   please contact us to discuss different options.
  : Our 24-Hour Hotline SNUCall(02-880-8080, provided in Korean language) will be available as before.
2) When visiting the Center for Campus Life and Culture, please follow the safety guidelines.
  Until the center resumes normal operations, please
  (1) fill out our ‘COVID-19 Self Checklist Card,’
  (2) Use the hand sanitizer provided at the reception desk, and 
  (3) keep your mask on during counseling.
Stay safe and healthy.
Warm regards,
SNU Center for Campus Life and Culture
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